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  • How I use AI

    I’ll not be the first to say it: AI sucks. I’ve been messing around with neural nets since 2001, and they are, generally, pretty terrible things. They can be beneficial in some endeavors but aren’t that smart. The limitations are the same, too, only shrinking marginally from a practical standpoint in over 20 years. Yet,…

  • Search is too good

    Search is too good

    I remember being eight or nine years old and wandering around the young adult section, trying to find a good book. I would basically just tilt my head and wander the shelves, reading titles. If something sounded unique or interesting, I’d read the first page. If I liked it, I’d take it home. Deep in…

  • Thoughts on Being Weird

    I have been called weird nearly my entire life. It’s never really bothered me, and perhaps that also contributes to my “weirdness.” I suffer from a startingly rare disease, called a photographic memory. It doesn’t work like the movies. I can’t flip pages in a book and read them later. Simply because the part of…

  • Selling on Ebay

    I’ve spent most of the last week trying to sell an old PS4 on Ebay. So far, I’ve had two people attempt to scam me. This is the story … if you go to sell something on Ebay and this sounds familiar, take heed.

  • Drink Water

    I sit at a computer every day. I really should go to the gym more (read, I should go to the gym, because I don’t). I drink lots of coffee and soda, and not a lot of water.

  • We’re a Little Too Open Source — Public Service Announcement

    I searched for myself on Github … here’s the link

  • The 1%

    My brother is a data scientist. In his free time he comes up with some interesting things. One thing that was pretty interesting was a simulation of the economy.

  • Payment with Equity

    I get contacted a lot with job offers. Most of them want me to work “for no money” and accept payment with equity.

  • Change of Schedule

    I’ve been writing software nearly every day for just over 20 years now; whether it was a personal project, school project, contract job, or salary. It’s been fun, to put it mildly. I’m glad the 10,000 hour rule was tossed out, because I’m far from a world class expert.

  • I’m a Robot

    This evening, while sitting on the couch with my laptop, I challenged my wife to “program me” to pick up one of our son’s toys across the room. She gave me the “are you crazy look” and I explained that it would show her what it was like to program a computer. Here are the…