My Journey Home — Part 2

I moved around a lot as a kid; I always had to make new friends wherever I went. Our family was close, not because we necessarily liked each other, but because we didn’t have a choice. For a long while, home was with my family.

Then, one day, as a fresh 18-year-old, I stood outside my house in the pouring snow, watching my family through the window. I saw that they were happy and laughing, and they would be fine without me. It was at that moment that I realized this wasn’t my home.

My home was somewhere in the big wide world. I had to find it all myself.

I spent the next ten years traveling the world, building an ISP, fighting terrorism, and starting businesses. While I was moderately successful, I never found home.

Then, I moved onto a sailboat and met my wife.

Those were some of the hardest, most exciting, and life-filled days of my life up to that point. I had found my first real home since becoming an adult.

And if I ever thought that was hard, let me tell you about parenthood. Actually, let me skip a few years: we moved to the Netherlands.

I first came to the Netherlands in 2017 for work and immediately fell in love. Bikes were everywhere, people were actually walking around, and cafes had outdoor seating. It was awesome; that’s all I ever wanted out of a city: life.

It wasn’t until 2018 that we actually moved here and got a house in Utrecht. The adjustment was hard at first. You see, in America, everyone has this intense, I don’t know, paranoia? that pervades the entire culture, and when you don’t have to deal with it anymore… it can be hard sometimes.

But now. Now I have a sweet kitten sitting on my legs, a young man growing up faster than I can blink, a beautiful and amazing wife, and friends. I have a home. Home isn’t just the people that are a part of your life, the people that define you, push you to be better, and all that stuff. No, a home is made of that and the things you see every day … it’s στοργή, the natural affection we have for all the things around us. It’s a place we go to after a long day.

This post marks another reset, a fresh slate. This blog has been all over the place since 2005ish and it’s time to start over. Again.

Until next time,

Cpt. Rob