My Dead Letter Queue

I came to a realization a long, long time ago that one day I'm going to die. One day, I won't be here anymore. What happens then? How will people read my (hidden) blogs from the Army? How will people read my unpublished stories and poetry? How will my wife know how to pay the [...]

Building Things

I tend to build things differently from other people. It's an annoying fact about myself that I can't seem to accept. One, what I build tends to be robust, extendable, and, non-idiomatic (I hate idiomatic code). Two, what I build tends to be more complex than it needs to be, right now. One of the [...]

Software Design From a Toddler

I've watched my son grow up to the last four years and change, surviving a string of "firsts" while he learns to survive in this world. He's also taught me many things about my job, more than I'd ever learn in a class. More than anything, he's taught me what is in store for the [...]