Search is too good

I remember being eight or nine years old and wandering around the young adult section, trying to find a good book. I would basically just tilt my head and wander the shelves, reading titles. If something sounded unique or interesting, I’d read the first page. If I liked it, I’d take it home. Deep in the fiction section, I stumbled across a BASIC reference book, obviously not written for children and obviously not fiction. Little did I know, that book would transform the rest of my life.

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Hello. I have a single thing I want to say and see if Jesse sees this: JITM

My Dead Letter Queue

I came to a realization a long, long time ago that one day I’m going to die. One day, I won’t be here anymore. What happens then? How will people read my (hidden) blogs from the Army? How will people read my unpublished stories and poetry? How will my wife know how to pay the bills?

Well, I’ll send her a letter of course!

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