• PHP Strict Types: Hard to get right

    Some people live and swear by strict types in PHP, and it’s understandable why they do. I want to start by saying that strict types have their purpose, but many programmers don’t understand what they mean and misuse them. I’ve seen plenty of subtle bugs related to strict types, so if you use strict types,…

  • How I use AI

    I’ll not be the first to say it: AI sucks. I’ve been messing around with neural nets since 2001, and they are, generally, pretty terrible things. They can be beneficial in some endeavors but aren’t that smart. The limitations are the same, too, only shrinking marginally from a practical standpoint in over 20 years. Yet,…

  • On Writing a Streaming HTML5 Parser in PHP

    On Writing a Streaming HTML5 Parser in PHP

    One of my biggest complaints with the Swytch Framework is that it is using a validating HTML5 parser. This is great if you want to sanitize some HTML or validate HTML, but in the case of Swytch, this isn’t ideal. Now if you haven’t heard of the Swytch Framework, it’s essentially JSX for PHP. You…

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