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  • Hello, Swytch Framework

    Hello everyone! Several years ago, I embarked on a journey to build an app in PHP 8. To have some fun along the way, I decided to throw out ‘established’ and ‘entrenched’ ideas in software development. So, I experimented and questioned everything. The original app still isn’t done. I’m not sure when, if ever, it […]

  • The Cargo Cult of TCP_NODELAY: When to Use It

    I learned a ton writing this post, especially about how HTTP2 works and how its binary format affects network performance. Hopefully you’ll learn something here as well! What is Nagle’s Algorithm My last post kinda exploded on Hacker News while a raging debate on TCP_NODELAY went on. It was wildly interesting to see the two […]

  • Golang is evil on shitty networks

    This adventure starts with git-lfs. It was a normal day and I added a 500 MB binary asset to my server templates. When I went to push it, I found it interesting that git-lfs was uploading at 50KB per second. Being that I had a bit of free time that I’d much rather be spending […]

  • [Solved] A 2-day adventure in networking, Windows, IPv6 and WSL

    My servers all are IPv6-only, or they would be if I didn’t use WSL. I’ve always preferred Windows to virtually anything else, but I like the Linux command line better. (I’m not too fond of PowerShell… and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on.) So, back to the story. I finally got absolutely tired […]

  • Building the fastest PHP router ever

    Ok, so the title might be a little bit click-baity since I haven’t compared it to every router in existence. Just nikic’s Fast Route. On my sabbatical last summer, I was messing about with microservices (which I’m convinced are evil, but that is an article for another day). During that, I decided to create a […]

  • Exploring the performance of FrankenPHP

    Exploring the performance of FrankenPHP

    If you live in the PHP world, you’ve probably heard of FrankenPHP. As soon as I saw the project, I fell in love with it. I tend to go back and forth between several languages, even mixing them when the problem calls for it. But here’s FrankenPHP, a beautiful mix of Go, C, and PHP. […]

  • Thoughts on PHP Fibers

    The last couple of days of my winter vacation, I wanted to really understand PHP 8’s fibers. To do so, I attempted to implement RAFT simply by reading the dissertation on it. My key takeaway was that it has been a really long time since I’ve tried to implement something like this by reading plain […]

  • Dissecting WordPress: Hooks: Filters and Actions

    Dissecting WordPress: Hooks: Filters and Actions

    Many people tend to take WordPress hooks for granted (or loathe them). Hooks are a powerful way to change the [ex# name=’behavior’]behavior of WordPress fairly drastically.[/ex#][ex#d name=’behavior’] Hooks are built into WordPress. Without hooks, you’d have to fork the original code and modify it to change it’s behavior. They allow you to literally hook into […]

  • Search is too good

    Search is too good

    I remember being eight or nine years old and wandering around the young adult section, trying to find a good book. I would basically just tilt my head and wander the shelves, reading titles. If something sounded unique or interesting, I’d read the first page. If I liked it, I’d take it home. Deep in […]

  • There Are No Easy Wins — Stop Asking

    There Are No Easy Wins — Stop Asking

    How many times have you heard a manager ask: “What are the easy wins?”