• Building DPHP: Event Sourcing

    Building DPHP: Event Sourcing

    From the beginning, I knew Event Sourcing would be a big part of Durable PHP, and I learned from several Event Sourced projects I’ve built or worked on over the years. Specifically, I knew what issues any project would have to deal with, and I wanted to create a framework where none of those issues…

  • Building DPHP: What is it?

    Building DPHP: What is it?

    Durable PHP is a framework inspired by Akka, Durable Functions, and Dapr, designed to simplify building complex software and enhance testability. It introduces three main components: Activities, Orchestrations, and Entities. Activities handle side effects and are stateless; Orchestrations manage event-sourced code execution, providing linearity despite non-linear event sequences; Entities maintain core application state and behavior,…

  • My Journey Home — Part 2

    I moved around a lot as a kid; I always had to make new friends wherever I went. Our family was close, not because we necessarily liked each other, but because we didn’t have a choice. For a long while, home was with my family. Then, one day, as a fresh 18-year-old, I stood outside…

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