• Hacking PHP’s WeakMap for Value Object D×

    Hacking PHP’s WeakMap for Value Object D×

    This guide will allow you to use value objects in PHP without a special$obj->equals() method. Instead, you can use the=== or == operator to compare two value objects. This guide will also show you how to use a WeakMap to ensure that you don’tcreate multiple instances of the same value object and how to hack…

  • Algorithms in PHP: Deques (and circular buffers + linked lists)

    If you’ve ever tried to use an array as a queue or stack (via array_pop, array_push, array_unshift and array_shift), you may have discovered they are slow, particularly array_unshift which requires shifting the entire array. Here are the limits of the awesome PHP array: prepending. Prepending to an array is a very costly operation in PHP,…

  • Where is my birthday day?

    I was born on a Wednesday, and for some reason, when my birthday falls on a Wednesday, I always consider it a “special” birthday: a Birthday Day. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Birthday Day — almost ten years! When I was 12-13 years old, I did some work to discover that…

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