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  • Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 1 ]

    Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 1 ]

    The monitoring relays alerted us that the caravan never arrived at the midway outpost. Michale went missing the same day the caravan left so it was almost certain he left on it. Since I worked in the Operations Center, I was privy to the fact that he wasn’t registered on the journey. I was also…

  • Outside the Cyrstal [ Prologue ]

    Outside the Cyrstal [ Prologue ]

    My story starts simple enough. I wanted to get out of town, run away. You’d think that would be a straightforward process. However, when I tried to register for the caravan heading to Canton, they told me I was too young. Fair enough, because that’s probably true.

  • Nothing But Fiction

    Nothing But Fiction

    I just wanted a fucking cup of coffee. My brother and I were sitting in our stolen car while the snow pounded the windshield on this quiet night in upstate New York. Who knew passport forgery could take this long? I looked at my watch, it read 2:15 AM. Shit. I looked at my brother…