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  • Exploring the performance of FrankenPHP

    Exploring the performance of FrankenPHP

    If you live in the PHP world, you’ve probably heard of FrankenPHP. As soon as I saw the project, I fell in love with it. I tend to go back and forth between several languages, even mixing them when the problem calls for it. But here’s FrankenPHP, a beautiful mix of Go, C, and PHP. […]

  • The Second Coolest Thing: A New API for you (v1)

    The Second Coolest Thing: A New API for you (v1)

    This weekend, I had some free time to work on something I’ve thought about for a while… an API to build and push a configurable WordPress Docker Image.

  • Welcome Back, WordPress

    My Hugo + WordPress hybrid was starting to become difficult to maintain. I’d wanted to get a “vanilla” WordPress install up and running in Docker since I started this adventure several years ago. I had to wait for Docker technology to get a little bit more mature… I still have some serious issues, however slightly […]

  • Windows is the Development Environment

    I Did It! I’ve recently made the full switch to Windows 10 as my primary linux development environment. This is a neat little post about the pros and cons, how I have it set up, and the things I’ve learned.

  • Why I Love Docker

    I’m going to keep this one short… mostly because it’s almost 2am and I’d tweet it, but this is longer than 128 characters.

  • What I’ve Learned About Developing in Docker

    What I’ve Learned About Developing in Docker

    Table of Contents Developing with complex filesystem layouts Save yourself some bandwidth with a docker hub mirror Getting localhost to make sense Deploying swap like it’s an app Building super complex images Cleaning up images, volumes, and networks

  • Running a multi-arch cluster with Rancher/Docker

    Just a heads up — this no longer works! We’ll have to go back to the drawing board to update. I just bought three raspberry pi’s to attempt to cheaply increase the capacity of my home cluster (I’m building something awesome πŸ˜ƒ )… This is a quick write up on what I did and how […]

  • Husband + Dad + Docker + WP + Hugo == this

    A lot of people think I don’t like Docker, and I’m here to tell you that’s not true. In fact, I feel like a magician about to show his huge magic trick of the show. In the next couple hours this blog post will be live along with a huge framework… Let me tell you […]

  • Docker Compose will publish your source code for free in Docker 1.12

    Super big notice! Docker has fixed this, as noted in their awesome comment. Leaving the original contents around for now, thanks Docker!

  • Scalability and WordPress (In Theory)

    Scalability and WordPress (In Theory)

    When I first started down the path to the Clam project, I realized I could get sub-second responses when the db/cache/php/nginx were all collocated on the same machine. It literally removes almost all network effects. That being said, how could I use that to my advantage?