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A Story From The Past

The year was 2004

It was cold, hell no, it was freezing. The wind was blowing the snow through the air so fast that you could hardly see the end of the street. I didn’t need to see it though, I knew exactly where I was going.

It started as a normal day, well, as normal as any snow day could be. Nothing but chores to do and three siblings running around the house. My dad was in the basement working, and my mother was frustrated with her four excited children, with a day off from school. As the day wound down, and the sun started to set, I put on my snow gear: some sneakers, a ski jacket, sweat pants under some jeans, light sunglasses for the snow, and gloves.Read More »A Story From The Past

People Read This?

You read that right, people actually read this thing…

Apparently there are people in the world that want to know my history – either to find out if the crazy stories I tell are true, or if I actually exist. To the former – yes they are true, but you are at the wrong blog and you’ll have to look deeper in the web to find them … to the latter, I do in-fact, exist.Read More »People Read This?