TCP Overhead

In case you are not aware, I write software for a company called BoomTown. It's a not-so-startup in Charleston, SC. We offer a CRM for real-estate agents and manage their front-end websites. I'm on the front-end/consumer facing side of the house, and if you were to put all of our domains into one domain then, [...]

The 1%

My brother is a data scientist. In his free time he comes up with some interesting things. One thing that was pretty interesting was a simulation of the economy. It was nothing more than a simple actor model simulation. It consisted of "actors" which moved around randomly and collected money. You can find the source on [...]

Payment with Equity

I get contacted a lot with job offers. Most of them want me to work "for no money" and accept payment with equity. Apparently this happens a lot. The idea people don't have the money and need help to make their idea real. Most of the time these people also have no idea what their [...]

Change of Schedule

I've been writing software nearly every day for just over 20 years now; whether it was a personal project, school project, contract job, or salary. It's been fun, to put it mildly. I'm glad the 10,000 hour rule was tossed out, because I'm far from a world class expert. Over the past 20 years, I've [...]

Docker Compose will publish your source code for free in Docker 1.12

Super big notice! Docker has fixed this, as noted in their awesome comment. Leaving the original contents around for now, thanks Docker! I was honestly debating whether or not to publish this post or not... on Wednesday, I'm planning to go live with the fully dockerized version of this blog and trying not to make [...]

Rewrites Are Dangerous

I don't think I'm the first one to ever say this, but rewriting software is perhaps one of the most risky things you can do in a project, not to mention a business. They're risky because it takes a human to transfer knowledge from one system to another that behave subtly differently. I'm about to [...]

Scalability and WordPress (In Theory)

When I first started down the path to the Clam project, I realized I could get sub-second responses when the db/cache/php/nginx were all collocated on the same machine. It literally removes almost all network effects. That being said, how could I use that to my advantage? From a database perspective, for a small site, it [...]