PHP vs. Javascript

Everyone has their primary languages that they find themselves using over and over again through their career. Mine happens to C#, PHP and Javascript. PHP get's a lot of shit though. I honestly, don't get it. Both languages have changed very dramatically over the last several years... Well, more one than the other. So, let's [...]

Selling on Ebay

I've spent most of the last week trying to sell an old PS4 on Ebay. So far, I've had two people attempt to scam me. This is the story ... if you go to sell something on Ebay and this sounds familiar, take heed. The listing Listing the item on Ebay was straight forward. Unremarkable [...]

Drink Water

I sit at a computer every day. I really should go to the gym more (read, I should go to the gym, because I don't). I drink lots of coffee and soda, and not a lot of water. Monday was a normalish day. I felt queasy, but I attributed that to a ton of stress [...]

We’re a Little Too Open Source — Public Service Announcement

I searched for myself on Github ... here's the link You can see all my contributions, things I've claimed copyright to, and then around page 15 you start seeing what looks like real customer data dumps and other interesting things. If you search for mailgun_password you can get a free account to spam people with [...]

Why I Love Docker

I'm going to keep this one short... mostly because it's almost 2am and I'd tweet it, but this is longer than 128 characters. 1. Amazing for testing new infrastructure with old code. If you want to see what php7 looks like? Do it. Want to try out that more updated memcached? Do it. Afterwards, there's [...]


Above is a video from webpagetest ... Notice at the 2.0s mark ... they are completely different. Nothing changed. There is no api to add in network effects, nothing but a every slight difference to the render order. The left becomes visually complete at 2.0s, the right, 2.3s. If they were playing darts, they just [...]

My Blog: Pure WordPress vs. Static Files With Hugo and WordPress Hybrid

My blog isn't particularly popular (or unpopular). I don't really care too much about advertising it's existence... that's what google is for. This blog originally started as way to tell friends and family about my adventures when I lived on my sail boat, Blue Macs. When I moved off the boat, I started writing about [...]

What I’ve Learned About Developing in Docker

Table of Contents Developing with complex filesystem layouts Save yourself some bandwidth with a docker hub mirror Getting localhost to make sense Deploying swap like it’s an app Building super complex images Cleaning up images, volumes, and networks Always expect the unexpected Docker, the company, has not ceased to amaze me. They are solving some [...]

Back Up And Running

I'm back. The last couple of months have been hectic, from a personal standpoint. I walked away from my rancher instance, and dealt with what I had to deal with. HELLO WORLD! When I was able to dedicate some time back to engineering in my free time, this is what I found: One root hardrive [...]