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This past weekend, I had a bit of free time to try something I’ve always been curious about. What would it take to port the WP_Hook class from WordPress/PHP to C#?Read More »WordPress#

Time Capsule (2005)

Sometimes life throws us a life-changing experience. It “wakes us up” from the routine that life can become. I once swore that I would never become complacent in life … yet, here I am.

Complacency is comfortable, it’s easy, it’s smart. It’s coasting because you can, to make it to the next day. It’s skipping the sunrise to sleep just a few more hours, it’s watching TV because making a dent in the world takes too much energy, it’s eating well instead of eating cheap to make it to the next place. Before you know it, you’ve missed everything that’s good in the world.

I love the sunrise, the feeling of morning dew under my feet, and the morning breeze in my hair. I love the feeling of being lost, unknown whether there’s a comfortable tomorrow, of being alive and in the moment.

It’s time to go. Come along if you’d like, you’re invited.

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Lessons learned writing an event oriented framework.

Your Bounce Rate is Probably Wrong – For Bloggers Anyway

I use Google Analytics, which I’ve talked a bit about a long time not too long ago. During that time period, I wanted to know if people were actually reading this blog. Well, about 76% of you will if the page shows up in under one second. If it takes longer than that, only 56% of you will. But to discover this, I learned that my bounce rate was wrong, and by extension, your bounce rate is probably wrong too…Read More »Your Bounce Rate is Probably Wrong – For Bloggers Anyway