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The Growth of a Programmer

Writing software is hard. I’m reminded of that every time someone asks me to teach them. The basics are convoluted, the syntax weird. It’s 100% logic that you have to hold in your head while you craft words that semantically make little sense, unless you’re a compiler or interpreter.Read More »The Growth of a Programmer

The Data Science Paradox

Let’s talk about organisms for a moment. All multicellular organisms on earth have DNA. It’s a strand of proteins that tell a cell in the organism how to grow, when to divide, and what proteins to build. You can read the DNA to discover what color eyes the organism might have, or how tall it might be.

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#!$% Features

Some would say features are the life blood of an application. They’re not.

Features are bloat. Features cause bugs and require maintenance. Features get in the way of value. Delete features, build something that matters.

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