We’re a Little Too Open Source — Public Service Announcement

I searched for myself on Github … here’s the link You can see all my contributions, things I’ve claimed copyright to, and then around page 15 you start seeing what looks like real customer data dumps and other interesting things. If you search for mailgun_password you can get a free account to spam people with […]


Above is a video from webpagetest … Notice at the 2.0s mark … they are completely different. Nothing changed. There is no api to add in network effects, nothing but a every slight difference to the render order. The left becomes visually complete at 2.0s, the right, 2.3s. If they were playing darts, they just […]

My Blog: Pure WordPress vs. Static Files With Hugo and WordPress Hybrid

My blog isn’t particularly popular (or unpopular). I don’t really care too much about advertising it’s existence… that’s what google is for. This blog originally started as way to tell friends and family about my adventures when I lived on my sail boat, Blue Macs. When I moved off the boat, I started writing about […]

Back Up And Running

I’m back. The last couple of months have been hectic, from a personal standpoint. I walked away from my rancher instance, and dealt with what I had to deal with. HELLO WORLD! When I was able to dedicate some time back to engineering in my free time, this is what I found: One root hardrive […]

TCP Overhead

In case you are not aware, I write software for a company called BoomTown. It’s a not-so-startup in Charleston, SC. We offer a CRM for real-estate agents and manage their front-end websites. I’m on the front-end/consumer facing side of the house, and if you were to put all of our domains into one domain then, […]

Rewrites Are Dangerous

I don’t think I’m the first one to ever say this, but rewriting software is perhaps one of the most risky things you can do in a project, not to mention a business. They’re risky because it takes a human to transfer knowledge from one system to another that behave subtly differently. I’m about to […]

Scalability and WordPress (In Theory)

When I first started down the path to the Clam project, I realized I could get sub-second responses when the db/cache/php/nginx were all collocated on the same machine. It literally removes almost all network effects. That being said, how could I use that to my advantage? From a database perspective, for a small site, it […]

Abandon Ship: Why I’m Leaving Docker

After a year of getting deep into Docker, and just about every orchestration service from Docker Cloud, to Kubernetes, to Mesos, to Rancher, to Triton, to Open Shift, to ECS, and on and on … there’s one thing I’ve learned: They are all good for one or two things, but they’re not the full package […]

Yet Another Rabbit Hole

I feel like I’ve talked about this before. But, I’m going to talk about it again, because it is relevant. Almost six years ago, I discovered an interesting way to manage money, you could call it realtime accounting if you want. I decided to use WordPress as my frontend platform of choice for a variety […]