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  • ‘Ello World

    I’m just playing with 🤔🤣😂😱

  • #!$% Features

    #!$% Features

    Some would say features are the life blood of an application. They’re not. Features are bloat. Features cause bugs and require maintenance. Features get in the way of value. Delete features, build something that matters.

  • Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 2 ]

    Outside the Cyrstal [ Chapter 2 ]

    I felt sick. I hated going outside the Cyrstal. Outside the Cyrstal, in the sun, electronics didn’t work right unless they were heavily shielded. Communications were near impossible. It was nothing but sand. There’s nothing left alive on earth except what can be protected by a Cyrstal, and since the sun started dying, there’s probably […]

  • The Future Browser

    The Future Browser

    I used to drive at night, a lot. Often, I’d put at IPad up on my dash with a movie playing, it’s reflection off-center my field of vision in front of me. I could listen to the action and shift the focal length of my eyes to see the action at any time. It worked […]

  • How To Keep Running

    How To Keep Running

    Business or Life, it’s all a marathon composed of literally running for your life until you meet your final resting place. “One foot in front of the other” is what they say. I was a runner once, and many people are not. What does it mean, to run a marathon?

  • 2018 Resolutions – 12 Projects

    2018 Resolutions – 12 Projects

    I write in my blog approximately once a week. I try and pick one to publish once a month. I’ve got some that are personal (Why I Hate Veterans Day) and some that are semi-interesting (Why Features Hide Value). But for 2018, I’m going to work on 12 fun/learning projects that aim to bring value […]

  • What Programmers Are Doing Wrong

    What Programmers Are Doing Wrong

    Looking over usage stats of web developers and those who use the internet. It seems that OSX usage for writing software has been on the rise while end user usage of OSX has been on the decline, or staying stable, over the last few years. With almost 50% of all software developers using OSX and […]

  • Signing Commits, SSH with Yubikey and Windows

    I have a Yubikey and Windows 10 on a Macbook Pro. It turns out all the tutorials out there are either for OSX or Linux. There’s some tidbits here and there for Windows users, but it took several hours of chasing down. Here’s a little tutorial and some gotchas I ran into while getting it […]

  • All the Crappy Javascript

    Javascript. One of the idioms I love in Javascript land is being able to do this: And now something is the result of DefTrue() … A lot of libraries (and people also tend to write functions like this too: The fact that these people (and I won’t call them out) check to make sure the […]

  • WordPress#

    This past weekend, I had a bit of free time to try something I’ve always been curious about. What would it take to port the WP_Hook class from WordPress/PHP to C#?