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  • Casem; an Experimental Language

    Casem; an Experimental Language

    Every few years or so, I like to try thinking up a new language for writing software. Mostly, I don’t publish them or even attempt to create a parser. This time. Well, this time, I blew my own mind with this one.

  • On Porting Beanstalkd to Scala

    On Porting Beanstalkd to Scala

    Beanstalkd is a notable and mature job queue. It’s written in C, rather sparsely commented, and moderately complicated. I wanted to add some functionality and discovered reading the code pretty tricky. The soundest way to learn what some system is doing is to rewrite it. At least for me. So, I did. In Scala.

  • The Right Place; The Right Time

    The Right Place; The Right Time

    In the Army, we had this saying: be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform. We also learn to do extensive risk mitigation. I’ve taken a lot of this to heart to learn that in the worst case, you end up in the wrong place at the right time, or […]

  • Serverless: From a PHP Developer’s Experience

    Serverless: From a PHP Developer’s Experience

    this is suicide for all hosting companies that currently host all websites. Suddenly, no one would need servers. PHP would be, quite literally, the easiest migration to serverless known to mankind.

  • Building Things

    Building Things

    I tend to build things differently from other people. It’s an annoying fact about myself that I can’t seem to accept. One, what I build tends to be robust, extendable, and, non-idiomatic (I hate idiomatic code). Two, what I build tends to be more complex than it needs to be, right now.

  • Software Design From a Toddler

    I’ve watched my son grow up to the last four years and change, surviving a string of “firsts” while he learns to survive in this world. He’s also taught me many things about my job, more than I’d ever learn in a class. More than anything, he’s taught me what is in store for the […]

  • The Growth of a Programmer

    The Growth of a Programmer

    Writing software is hard. I’m reminded of that every time someone asks me to teach them. The basics are convoluted, the syntax weird. It’s 100% logic that you have to hold in your head while you craft words that semantically make little sense, unless you’re a compiler or interpreter.

  • Scala and Friends

    Scala and Friends

    Scala is an interesting language. I needed to pick it up for a project at work and was enthralled. I love some of the elegance of it, while some of the challenges are downright insane.

  • Getting Ready To Move

    The last week has been a whirlwind of activity. We’ve been putting things into storage, deciding on a place to live, and getting ready for the big move. To say that it’s been stressful is an understatement. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it and then I remember that it is, of course. Moving is […]

  • The Data Science Paradox

    The Data Science Paradox

    Let’s talk about organisms for a moment. All multicellular organisms on earth have DNA. It’s a strand of proteins that tell a cell in the organism how to grow, when to divide, and what proteins to build. You can read the DNA to discover what color eyes the organism might have, or how tall it […]