This past weekend, I had a bit of free time to try something I’ve always been curious about. What would it take to port the WP_Hook class from WordPress/PHP to C#? So, I did it. It took a few hours, at most. I even went so far as to port the unit tests. It looks […]

Productivity – A Data Based Introspection

The other day, I happened to remember that I track the seconds spent typing into my code editor, and have been since the beginning of 2016. It’s nothing spectacularly special, but I wonder what I would see if I pulled the data? I put the data in excel and used a 14 day rolling average: […]

Retelling: The Awesome Curve

Years ago, I read a blog post about “The Awesome Curve” … It appears to have been lost in the sands of time that is the internet. So, let me tell you about it. I’ll also diverge from the original and give my own 2ยข. Products are a fickle beast. Your users will leave you […]

The Second Coolest Thing: A New API for you (v1)

This weekend, I had some free time to work on something I’ve thought about for a while… an API to build and push a configurable WordPress Docker Image. Right this moment, there are a couple new API endpoints alive on this blog: https://www.withinboredom.info/wp-json/docker/v1/file https://www.withinboredom.info/wp-json/docker/v1/build /file will give you a Dockerfile, while /build will build and push you […]

Welcome Back, WordPress

My Hugo + WordPress hybrid was starting to become difficult to maintain. I’d wanted to get a “vanilla” WordPress install up and running in Docker since I started this adventure several years ago. I had to wait for Docker technology to get a little bit more mature… I still have some serious issues, however slightly […]

Event Sourcing

If you’ve worked with me in the past, you know I’m obsessed with Event Sourcing as a software pattern. For those of you who don’t know about Event Sourcing, here’s my take on it (which is slightly different from the rest of the world…): The source of truth are the events, nothing else. State is […]

PHP vs. Javascript

Everyone has their primary languages that they find themselves using over and over again through their career. Mine happens to C#, PHP and Javascript. PHP get’s a lot of shit though. I honestly, don’t get it. Both languages have changed very dramatically over the last several years… Well, more one than the other. So, let’s […]