The Data Science Paradox

Let’s talk about organisms for a moment. All multicellular organisms on earth have DNA. It’s a strand of proteins that tell a cell in the organism how to grow, when to divide, and what proteins to build. You can read the DNA to discover what color eyes the organism might have, or how tall it might be.

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#!$% Features

Some would say features are the life blood of an application. They’re not.

Features are bloat. Features cause bugs and require maintenance. Features get in the way of value. Delete features, build something that matters.

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Bye Bye USA — Netherlands, here we come

Today, I’d like to announce we’re leaving the USA, for at least a year. After much research and soul searching, we’ve settled on the Netherlands. The Netherlands and the USA have a treaty, called the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT). It allows an American to open a business in the Netherlands, provided they have sufficient capital/income from outside the USA, like remote work or contracting.Read More »Bye Bye USA — Netherlands, here we come

The Future Browser

I used to drive at night, a lot. Often, I’d put at IPad up on my dash with a movie playing, it’s reflection off-center my field of vision in front of me. I could listen to the action and shift the focal length of my eyes to see the action at any time. It worked well to keep me awake. For all intents and purposes, my IPad was transparent.Read More »The Future Browser