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Docker Compose will publish your source code for free in Docker 1.12

Super big notice!

Docker has fixed this, as noted in their awesome comment. Leaving the original contents around for now, thanks Docker!

I was honestly debating whether or not to publish this post or not… on Wednesday, I’m planning to go live with the fully dockerized version of this blog and trying not to make any changes to the current live version. However, I was playing with the new Docker 1.12 this morning and some of the new features. If you have a docker-compose.yml file that has something like this:

version: '2'
      build: images/nginx
      image: boomtownroi/flagship-nginx:latest
        file: common.yml
        service: common
        - files
        - '80:80'
        - '443:443'

and happen to run the new

docker-compose bundle

command, you will find it magically start pushing your container to Docker Hub. If by chance your Docker Hub permissions are set to the default of “public”, you will find your source code published right on Docker Hub.

Granted, there are a few things you’d have to have in your build:

  • interpreted source code (php, js, etc)
  • the sources added to the container in the docker build step

This is an important caveat that I just wanted to make sure the world was aware of.

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