Is It Time to Start Over?

You may (or may not) have noticed I haven’t posted in a while, but the reality is that I have over a hundred ready to publish posts. So, why haven’t I posted them? The answer is pretty simple: I wanted to better understand what I write about and how I can be more focused. It turns out that I really write about several things:

  1. Business management theories, which is probably just trash.
  2. Rants about how other people improperly write and design software, which is probably hilarious to some people, but otherwise trash.
  3. Stories. So many short stories. This is gold. Some of it is just really good like I reread some of it lately and whaaaooh.
  4. A few expat adventures. That’s also probably trash and I don’t like making fun of cultures and little things; even if it is rather funny.
  5. The occasional bit of software knowledge that I always post immediately.

So, that leaves me at one thing: writing stories and a lot of them.

I haven’t restarted this blog in a long time (almost 3 years!), and it’s not clear if I’ll keep WordPress and the content. I’ll probably keep the content, simply because I refer to some posts occasionally when I forget how to do something (like getting my ssh key off my yubikey). I just really like writing in Github Flavored Markdown…

Until next time,


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