2018 Resolutions – 12 Projects

I write in my blog approximately once a week. I try and pick one to publish once a month. I’ve got some that are personal (Why I Hate Veterans Day) and some that are semi-interesting (Why Features Hide Value). But for 2018, I’m going to work on 12 fun/learning projects that aim to bring value to the world or myself. At the end of the month, the project is shipped or sacked. I’ve got an idea book and here are my upcoming projects … but don’t hold me to them since I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

My goal is to spend up to 2 hours a night on these projects and no more. That means focus and power sessions.

January: [redacted]

An internal tool that I started last summer. Finish it up.

February: A Mirror Experience

There are people who stare into mirrors every day. These people deserve a better experience. This will get into some IoT type stuff with integrations with some undocumented software around the internet.

March: A Dumb Idea

I mean, why not? This will get into some fun language stuff with good protocols and other fun low-level stuff.

April: The Long Game

Can you save the world in a lifetime? A fun sounding game that’s been in my notebook for a long time. Involves programming mutable history and smart branching of time.

May: A Lovely Reception

I hate calling places and they don’t answer. Might as well try and fix that. This will get into SIP/PSTN type stuff that I’m fairly familiar with from when I had my prank call stuff running. Or, I’ll just use Twilio or Plivo…

June – December: TBD

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