What Programmers Are Doing Wrong

Looking over usage stats of web developers and those who use the internet. It seems that OSX usage for writing software has been on the rise while end user usage of OSX has been on the decline, or staying stable, over the last few years.

With almost 50% of all software developers using OSX and more than 80% of their users using Windows (with a touch screen) it’s honestly no wonder there’s so many bugs when it comes to some sites just not working in Windows.

For example: It took almost a year for USAA to offer any interactivity when a touch screen was present with a mouse. Even more popular tools and plugins for WordPress are just as broken.

Thankfully Chrome offers a work around for this oversight, under chrome://flags … but it shouldn’t be necessary.

As a developer, I have a Windows computer with a touch screen. It’s a bit dated but it comes in handy to test my features with a touch screen. Many, many developers do not do this and rely on bug reports to know what’s broken. By then, the original developer has moved on to other things and this bug gets buried under hundreds of other “more important bugs” … meanwhile, the user’s trust gets lost.

We should aim to mirror the same demographics our customers use when working on sites and apps designed for desktop users such as to minimise the number of bugs our users may experience due to our negligence.

I’ve switched over to using Windows full time, it’s taken some getting used to, but I think it will be worth it in the end.