People Read This?

You read that right, people actually read this thing…

Apparently there are people in the world that want to know my history – either to find out if the crazy stories I tell are true, or if I actually exist. To the former – yes they are true, but you are at the wrong blog and you’ll have to look deeper in the web to find them … to the latter, I do in-fact, exist.

I’ve been running about for the last several years, growing my family and building a home. It’s a remarkably challenging task; I love it.

On the side, I’ve been working for a startup.


It’s been a wild ride so far, in just the last few months I’ve built a two-way Google Calendar Sync, a mobile app, and currently building out a SOAP Notes feature (Unless you’re in the massage industry – you won’t know what that is). Those three things were actually pretty challenging, in their own way. But they got built, they work, and its pretty awesome. I work with an amazing bunch of people (shout out to you Wyatt and Rachel)…

I’ve also massaged (no pun intended!) the team to use git, Pivotal Tracker, and more agile processes, which is something that will go on The Resume someday.

Speaking of Someday, I’m going to sell my boat – or sink it. It’s nothing but a hole in my pocket these days. If you read through the past – which you should – you’ll wonder what happened. Well, I got a family – that’s what happened.

The Family

I welcomed my son into the world, just a couple of months ago … it’s something magical; a tiny little person who looks kind of like me, and kind of like my wife. I can’t wait to see how he acts as he grows up.

Since the last time I wrote anything in this blog, my wife has gotten her SC Cosmetology license transferred from GA – that could be a blog post all on its own – and she’s in a good place. I think we’re in a good place overall … which is how I’m going to leave this update.

Until next time,


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